Could Gallant Revolutionize NFT Gaming and Become The Axie Infinity Killer?

Imagine the cult following of the Game of Thrones, the graphic display of Final Fantasy compounded with playable NFT characters that you can sell to the highest bidder. The aforementioned points will be embodied within the newest medieval game that will be unveiled to gaming enthusiast, crypto-HODLers, and NFT collectors throughout the world.

Gallant Studios Inc. has embarked upon a project so massive that people are beginning to call it the “MEDIEVAL-VERSE”. This will be a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that will capture a realm where gallantry treads upon sovereign ground ruled by warriors clad with armor, weapons and ill-intentions.

Even though the official game isn’t slated to be released until 2022, early Gallant Token holders and pure-blooded gamers have already built a strong and bustling community; where they have direct access to corporate officials and on-demand AMA’s through telegram and other social conduits.

As anticipation heightens, Gallant Studios will launch several games as mere appetizers to be savored before the 2022 main entrée. The first game, entitled Gallant Warriors, will be available Monday, November 15th on Android and IOS. It will be a five round fighting game with ancient warriors and intimidating villains. Players will be able to select their fighters to battle different enemies entering each new round. The highest spots on the leader board will qualify for a Gallant airdrop!

Gallant CEO Steven Walters believes complete transparency is paramount to the continued success and growth as they anticipate mass adoption from a gaming industry which boasts over 3 billion players throughout the world. For this reason, he stated in a recent interview, the company has completed a series of stringent examinations under the watchful eyes of Certik and Solidproof (blockchain and smart contract auditors) to afford the necessary assurance of public trust.

As the world awaits for Gallant to galvanize the market share of NFT gaming, I would implore everyone to visit their website today!






Leon Richardson is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and he is currently a managing director of a private wealth fund.

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Leon Richardson

Leon Richardson

Leon Richardson is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and he is currently a managing director of a private wealth fund.

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