“Gallant” Showing Early Sings of Becoming The Next Crypto Unicorn

The employment of reverse engineering was the secret that fueled the Gallant Token into a market capitalization worth millions in just a few months. To understand their meteoric rise, CEO Steven Walters was asked in a recent interview to explain what makes Gallant different. His response was epic and may now be considered the philosophical paradigm needed to create successful games in the future. “What makes us different is that our community is built upon gamers who enjoy MMORPGs. We have the pleasure and opportunity to get feedback and analysis from what the market is missing and how we can make it better while building ours. We listen. Our people have a voice. Our community gets to have their ideas and thoughts translated into a game development process.”

Most gaming companies have followed the ancient maxim: “build it and they shall come”; however, Gallant found them first, and then asked, “what should be built, and how” - and in turn they have all come running!

Gross revenue calculated from their inception

Mobile gaming legend Honor of Kings used their medieval theme-based game to gross over $2.4 billion becoming the highest earning game of 2020. Now Gallant, whom some refer to as the “Axie Infinity Killer”, looks to bring the MEDIEVAL-VERSE into the newest niche of the crypto market.

To solidify their autonomy and first movers advantage of medieval gaming within the crypto space, Gallant will unleash several games before the start of their MMORPG franchise.

GALLANT WARRIORS: A five-round fighting game with ancient warriors and villains.
KING’S CALLING: An exciting adventure that leads the knight back to the castle where the king awaits him to deliver a message.
2019 League of Legends World Finals

As Gallant Studios Inc. quickly progresses through their roadmap leading up to their much anticipated MMORPG, some fans have already begin discussing the possibilities of an eSports league. Gerrard Dudley Jr. of Baltimore, MD a Madden NFL eSports participant and crypto investor stated, “with Gallant, I don’t believe that it is a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’”. If the speculation of Mr. Dudley Jr. and other gaming proponents are accurate, what will this mean for the future of eSports, NFT gaming, and the price of the Gallant token?

Their early token holders and fanbase will have front row seats to see how the newest medieval gaming franchise will re-write the narrative of gaming; and one point is for certain: Gallant, with fork in hand, will be ready to enjoy all of the trimmings associated with first movers advantage and with an insatiable appetite they plan to dine alone.

Leon Richardson is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and he is currently a managing director of a private wealth fund.